The Promessa representative for Spain, Olga Bolart, was invited to participate in the round table/presentation about new ecological burial and incineration alternatives organized by Funermostra 2021 (Valencia- Spain).

Olga explained from a biological point of view why the Promessa method is a climate-smart method, besides being the only one in the world that allows us to return to “the cycle of life”, as well as “the carbon cycle”, sequestrating carbon in the soil with the help of “Natures for free services”.

In Spain, as well as in some U.S. states, we are seeing the need to update the funeral legislation to accommodate new and necessary ecological options, which will allow funeral homes to offer families environmentally &friendly burial and incineration alternatives.

In addition, Olga explained that the Promessa team is working on setting up a new rig for showing proof of concept (POC). She mentioned: “the method works because it was tested more than10 years ago, but now we are making a video recording, witnessed by scientists, and introducing new technology to make it more efficient, to make it be an indubitable a reality”.

Olga stressed to her audience that: “In Promessa we are 100% committed to the environment (the planet is not negotiable), we offer an ethical solution (respect for people) and we believe in transparency of the process (it is all based on biological principles). We are proud of our principles and more than 5000 people see confirm their conviction in writing/signing this way as well.