We are grateful to be able to announce that Promessa has signed an agreement with a Promessa Representative for Chile!

“Death and dying is something that is happening all around the world and in every country they are experiencing the same issues. There are usage of land issues, public health issues, environmental issues, ethical issues, etc., issues that promession solves, so there is no wonder that we have received so much interest from over 90 countries spread around our planet” says founder and CEO of Promessa, Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak. “People in Europe, North- and South America are really showing their interest for our work. That is where we signed up our first Promessa Representatives, but as we add Representatives we will show that the interest is truly global. It is all about selecting the ‘right’ organization to be in charge of a territory, and we truly did this with Talal Rizk and his fantastic team in Chile.” 
Talal Rizk is the CEO of the Chile register corporation that has been selected as the sole Promession Representative in Chile and is now in charge of educating the market and implementing the promession service chain in Chile as the first South-American Promessa country. “The impact of human activities has increased exponentially and reached alarming stages many decades ago, forcing us to ask ourself; Are we doing the right thing? Sadly, I feel the answer to that is ‘No’”, says Talal. “But there are solutions available, and promession is the solution for the death care industry. Implementing promession is truly a huge step forward on the right path for our society, and Chile is ready and welcoming this development, as the Chilean government is seriously working on remarkable solutions to its environmental challenges. Promessa Chile will be the bridge to bring this Swedish innovation to Chile.”
Promession is an environmentally friendly method developed to take care of human remains after death. The concept focus is to use nature’s preferred and well proven method of aerobic decomposition to take place. This avoids the creation of methane gas and pollution of groundwater, which are environmental problems with traditional burials. For those who prefer ashes and cremation, Promessa has also developed a clean cremation method, which releases significantly less pollutants, like furans and NOx. Promessa can also guarantee Zero Mercury and Zero Dioxin release, which is impossible with the existing methods of today. This new type of cremation do not need any energy at all; it gives energy.
For more information, contact info@promessa.se
About Promessa:
Promessa is the Swedish organization which developed and offers the environmentally friendly and ecological funeral concept of promession®. Promession solves the pressing issues in the death care industry of unsustainable land usage and pollution of our vital resources; soil, water and air. Private persons around the world find that Promessa is offering important and appealing solutions to a topic that concerns every one of us. Promession is offered as a franchise opportunity with territorial exclusivity to use the sustainable solutions. 

Lapageria Rosea - National flower of Chile

National flower of Chile – Lapageria Rosea