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In this section are posted scientific articles which are a proof that the Promession method is a viable alternative, based on a combination of well known and proven technologies. We want to provide evidence which can bring together different insights about how a funeral and cremation need to be in order to be sustainable. Therefore we want to invite you to explore these scientific works and explanations, and you will notice that Promessa is a scientific based project. Our technical equipment is the outcome of a very well elaborated biological and scientific method created by two scientists from Sweden.

We offer transparency, evidence and professionalism. We invite you to compare our method with any other method that claims to be ecological and/or sustainable after reading some of these scientific articles from all around the globe. Enjoy the reading!



English Language

Popular Scientific

  1. “Carbon that counts”.
    PhD Soil Biochemistry – Christine Jones.
  2. “The Lowdown on Dirt”.
    Scientists Researchers at Standford University. California. United States.
  3. “Greenhouse Gas Elimination: The Secret’s in our Soil”.
    Scientists from the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA). France.
  4. “The soil building blocks”.
    Vadertad Company experts in Agronomy.
  5. “Factors Affecting the Decomposition of Buried and Submerged Human Remains”.
    Professor Debbie Ali. Department of  Antropology, St Lawrence University, New York, United States.

Academic Scientific

  1. “Free Fatty Acids Composition in Adipocere of Ancient Remains Found in a Glacier”.
    Bachelor in Science – Chang Liu. Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia, Vancover, Canada.
    PhD Chemistry – David D.Y Chen. Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia, Vancover, Canada.
    PhD Medicine – Maria V. Monsalve. Department of Pathology and Laboratory of Medicine. University of British Columbia, Vancover. Canada.
    PhD Science – Hyun M.Park. Advanced Analysis Center. Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul Korean.
  2. “First evidence of terrestrial ambrein formation in human adipocere”.
    Professor Barbara von der Lühe- Institute of Geography, University of Mainz. Germany
    Professor Robert W. Mayes – The James Hutton Institute, Scotland, UK.
    Professor Volker Thiel- Geobiology, Geoscience Centre, University of Göttingen. Germany
    Professor  in Forensics Sciences –  Lorna A. Dawson – The James Hutton Institute, Scotland, UK.
    PhD Medicine – Matthias Graw – Institute of Forensic Medicine, University of Munich. Germany
    Professor Steven J. Rowland – Petroleum and Environmental Geochemistry Group. Biogeochemistry Research Centre, University of Plymouth, UK.

German Language

  1. Kryobestattung
    PhD Physics – Thomas Vilgis. Max Planck Institut für polymerforschung. Mainz. Germany.
  2. Bürgerschaftliches Engagement (NaNareG)
    Paula Brandner

Spanish Language

  1. “El carbono que cuenta”.
    Dra. en Bioquímica de los Suelos – Christine Jones

Swedish Language

  1. “Nedbrytning av organiskt material”.


Interesting Videos:

  1. Let’s talk about soil.

2. Before the Flood – National Geographic & Leonardo Di Caprio