The United States of America is really showing a huge interest for Promessa and promession and now we are very happy to announce a US representative for a number of the central states of the US. 

Promessa Central US lead by Rachel R. Caldwell recently signed up to become the official Promessa Representative for the following states; Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa. This increases the number of US states which has a representative up to 15 states!

“Already during the first conversations we knew that Rachel would be a perfect Promessa representative candidate. She has a lot of experience from the death care industry, she is very knowledgeable, and she is really motivated to supply her clients with environmentally friendly methods that the clients are requesting” says Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak, CEO and founder of Promessa. “Rachel also showed her eagerness to learn everything about Promessa and our improved burial and cremation methods during our latest US Promessa Masterclass which we arranged in Richmond Virginia.”

“As a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer I am always trying to give my clients exactly what they want. During the last couple of years I have received more and more requests for greener and more environmentally friendly solutions. I started researching for this and I quickly learned about promession online. The more I learned about it, the more it made sense to me, so I decided to reach out to Promessa in Sweden to inquire about opportunities to provide this solution to my clients.” says Rachel R. Caldwell, CEO of Promessa Central US. “It was also through these conversations with Susanne and the others at Promessa that I learned about the franchising opportunity that Promessa provides, which lead me to become a Promessa Representative.”

With the addition of Promessa Central US, there are now Promessa Representatives covering fifteen (15) US States (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, northern parts of California, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa and Washington DC). 

All our Representatives are working hard on developing their markets through education, ensuring everyone included in the franchise chain is ready for the deployment of a Promator by talking to legislators, established industry participants, private persons/Promessa Friends, hospital staff and others. 

Promession is an environmentally friendly method developed to take care of human remains after death. The concept focuses on letting nature’s preferred method of aerobic decomposition take place, to really support new life in the soil in a positive way. This avoids the creation of methane gas and pollution of groundwater, which are environmental problems with traditional burials. For those who prefer ashes and cremation, Promessa has also developed a clean cremation method, which releases significantly less pollutants, like furans and NOx. Promessa can also guarantee Zero Mercury and Zero Dioxin release, which is impossible with the existing methods of today. And it doesn’t need any energy, which is appreciated.

For more information, contact Promessa HQ at or if you are located in Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa Rachel R. Caldwell at or 913.515.2194.

About Promessa:

Promessa is a Swedish company, which has developed and offers the environmentally friendly and ecological funeral concept of promession®. Promession solves the pressing issues in the death care industry of unsustainable land usage and pollution of our vital resources; soil, water and air. Private persons around the world find that Promessa is offering important and appealing solutions to a topic that concerns every one of us.

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Participants and presenters from Masterclass in Richmond, Virginia, USA

Promessa Masterclass Richmond, Virginia, USA. Rachel R. Caldwell number three from the right.


Sunflower field

Sunflower field representing Promessa Central US