A very impressive and hard working Italian film director visited us last summer and winter to shoot for his upcoming documentary – ‘Il Limite’.

We had a good time with Edmondo visiting and filming us while we carried along our normal life and work. We look forward to seeing the end result. He just released an official trailer, which you can see at the end of this post.

Here is his intro for his work:

“An ancient tale, handed down from generation to generation, sung in a remote village of India prefigures the current story of two women who live far apart: one in the United States, the other in Europe. This documentary explores two different females’ sensitive visions of the world’s greatest human mystery: the mystery of death.

Linda, USA, has created the most important foundation for cryopreservation in the world: Alcor Life Extension Foundation. Susanne, Sweden, has developed a new ecological burial method, the one preferred by nature, that her company Promessa Organic offers.

Swarna is an Indian artist, who draws traditions, legends and current events for the villagers, on a special sheet of paper called patachitra. She is the theme and canvas on which our story unfolds.