Ecological burial

We all die. That's life.
What happens to you in the afterlife depends on your beliefs.
What happens to your body after life is up to you.

What if you can choose a method that helps reduce your ecological footprint? What if, after death, your body can make a positive effect on our precious elements; earth, water and air? What if this method offers you the flexibility to design a ‘farewell’ in such a way that it reflects you personally, whether you prefer a traditional or a one-of-a-kind funeral, all within your budget?

Promession® can help you do just that. Promession® is an environmentally friendly and ethical improvement to both burial and cremation. If you prefer to be buried, our innovative method prepares your body for a burial that mimics nature’s way of decomposition. Within a year the organic remains will be fully integrated with the soil, enabling you to bring your precious carbon back into the earth, and this helps reduce climate change.

If you wish to be cremated, but have concerns about the toxic emissions released, then Promession® is also your best choice. Instead of burying the remains you can opt for a green cremation, with significantly less impact on the environment. The choice is entirely up to you. Just inform yourself and make a choice that really matters.

How it works

The method behind ecological burial is crystal-clear, easy to grasp and accept. It is based on a new combination of tried-and-tested techniques that prepare the corpse for a natural process of decomposition.


About Promessa

Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak pondered over her idea for an ecological form of burial for 20 years before it was presented. There is a great difference between the burial forms effect on the environment compared to ecological burial.


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