Leona is our latest Promessa Ambassador and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Leona came across Promessa whilst browsing the web and immediately loved the amazing, environmentally friendly, concept.

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Another great visit to Zürich Switzerland

Date: September 03,  2017

About a year ago when we visited Zurich for our Promessa Friends gathering, I was contacted by Stefan Ineichen from Migros-Kulturprozent who asked if I would be interested in speaking about promession during their Nahreisen 2017.

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Zürich old town and Zürichsee

Last year we started arranging informal meetings which we called Promessa Friends Gathering. We thought this would be a great opportunity for our many Promessa Friends (almost 3000 from over 70 countries) to meet with us in Promessa, and ask us directly all the questions they might have.

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