We at Promessa are very fortunate in that journalists from newspapers and media houses around the world likes promession and therefore often writes about it. On average we get three requests a week from journalists asking questions and wanting to learn more, so that they can convey accurately to their readers the many benefits promession provides.

We usually don’t post about our waste media coverage on our webpage, as it would fill up our whole ‘news’ section, but now and then we make an exception. It might be that the end product is really good, it might be that the journalist did a really good job understanding promession and had an intuitive and easy way of conveying it, it might be our first known press coverage in that country, or it might be another reason why we decide to post something.

Today we chose to post about our recent coverage in the Tokyo based Japanese magazine Alterna, who also publish their hard copy articles online. Japan is a huge market with its 126 million inhabitants and a funeral industry suffering from lack of burial options. We are therefore very happy when good journalists write quality articles about promession and how it will positively change the funeral industry, so that more people in Japan can learn about this option. Hopefully this will help us spread the word in Japan.

If you speak Japanese, you can read the full article here.

PS. Did you know that Japan has the world’s highest cremation rate?

Image of the article about Promessa in the japanese media house Alterna.co.jp

Screenshot of online Japanese article