We at Promessa are glad to announce our first official Promessa Ambassador. We have received interest from all around the world, but it is no surprise to us that the first ambassador comes from the US and the State of California. The interest from North America is very high, with the West Coast states having most followers.

“After seeing a need for this ambassador role, and spending some time developing it, it is with great pride we can announce Jane van Loon as our first Ambassador” says Promessaʼs CEO and Founder Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak. “Jane initially contacted me many years ago, and we have over the years since had numerous interesting and rewarding conversations about promession. I know Janeʼs heart and head are always in the right place, so I was very happy when she chose to accept our invitation to become a Promessa Ambassador.”

The Promessa Ambassador program was developed to help spread correct information around Promessaʼs ecological and environmentally friendly burial and cremation option; promession®. Promessa HQ daily receives multiple contacts through email or phone, with questions and requests for further information. Queries can be from businesses, governments, journalists, academia/students or individuals. In addition, we know there are many more interested in learning about promession, but because Promessa is a Swedish company, the barrier to contact us might be too high. By having local and native ambassadors around the world, we believe it will be easier for interested parties to contact the ambassador instead of the Swedish HQ.

“I started following Promessa 15 years ago,” says Ms van Loon. “Even then, Promessa felt ʻrightʼ to me. Since then, Susanne has been welcoming my questions, and, has supported my study of alternative methods. My conclusion: Promessa is a good way to go. Promession ecologically and ethically returns our bodies to the life cycle, and in the process builds topsoil! The process is researched and ready to go, not to mention, necessary for our time. Finally, it can work for individuals and families, as well as diverse cultures and religions. Having participated in the Promessa Masterclass Education Program in Mexico City in March of 2017 I feel ready to become a Promessa Ambassador here in Southern California. As a semi retired therapist, I have long been a bridger of worlds and messenger of hope. As Promessa Ambassador, I can now set about to answering questions and spreading the word of promession.”

A Promessa Ambassador participates in the same Promessa Masterclass Education Program as Partners, in order to have the same understanding of all aspects related to promession. The Ambassador is also assigned a mentor at Promessa, that s/he can contact for any follow up questions. In addition to further education and interesting studies, the Ambassador also receives the latest information about the company. On our webpage the Ambassador will be listed on a separate “Ambassador” page, where visitors can see who they are, and how to contact the one closest to them.

If you are interested in learning more about our Ambassador program please send an email to info@promessa.se requesting more information.


Profile picture Ms. Jane van Loon

Ms. Jane van Loon