Promessa arranged the second Masterclass Education for our new partners earlier last month. The location this time was Mexico City, and all our new North American partners participated.

An essential part of becoming a Promessa partner is to attend and pass the test at
the mandatory Masterclass education program that is developed to give the partners a good foundation to work from, during their task to bring Promession to their territory. This program addresses such topics as; biology, ethics, current industry practices, emissions, consumer trends, carbon, organic material, ecology, legislation, religion, etc. All of those areas are important to understand in order to bring Promession to their part of the world.

Our first masterclass was arranged close to our Headquarter on the beautiful island of Lyrön, Sweden, but this time the team went to a whole other continent; North America. “We have a huge interest from USA, but also from Mexico and Canada, and since we had selected some partners in this continent we thought, it was better that we, this time, came to them” says CEO Susanne Wiigh Mäsak.

The education was arranged at Business Sweden’s location in Mexico City and after class the group spent the evenings exploring museums and restaurants in the area learning and socializing. “An extra benefit of visiting Mexico at this time of the year is the blooming jacaranda trees all over the city. It was so nice to see such beautiful trees in their bloom on almost every corner. As a biologist, I must say this was an extra treat and a first time for me” says Susanne.

Planning for the next Masterclass has already started, but next time it will be held in Sweden. Promessa is experiencing a lot of interest from very many countries now.

Participants standing in group