We are very fortunate that we have on average 3 media request pop up in our inbox every week. We do our very best to answer them all, regardless of which country they are from, what language they are in, which media company the person are representing, and what medium (article, tv, podcast, etc.) they would like  to use. We receive all this worldwide interest without spending $1 on marketing, because people by nature are curious, and they want facts and improvement, which is exactly what we provide with Promession®, for the death care industry.

Our latest trip to Mexico City and our progress in the Americas is the topic of one of the most recent reports on us. Elin Tibell from Business Sweden, who interviewed Susanne, was such a knowledgable and understanding person to talk with, that this interview was such a blast. It is currently published on her LinkedIn account and you can read it here – “Swedish Company Promessa expanding in the Americas”

Here is a short excerpt, for the whole article press the above link.
“This was Promessa´s second visit to Mexico. Their first trip was in 2011, in a business delegation led by the then Swedish Minister for Trade. Due to their first visit, Wiigh-Mäsak says Mexico now seems to her like a market closer and easier to access than before. Promessa wants to be where the needs are, and in a country like Mexico with a rather huge population – not least in the capital – they can contribute with environmental friendly solutions, but also to freeing up space in cemetery’s and to provide more options for people burying their loved ones.”

Screenshot of digital article

Screenshot of article