Last week we organized our first ever Promessa MasterClass education program. The 3-day event was held on the beautiful island of Orust, located close to our Headquarter on the west coast of Sweden.

The MasterClass program have been developed to give our partners and colleagues a thorough understanding of the numerous areas that Promession will positively affect. It addresses topics such as; biologi, ethics, emissions, current practices, consumer trends, carbon, organic material, legislature, etc., Most of the material was taught during class sessions, but there were also field trips for enhanced understanding of certain important topics.

The participants from the Netherlands, Spain, UK and Norway ended their MasterClass program with a quiz to make sure that the knowledge transfer had been a success.

It was such a please to work closely with these great individuals and it will be exciting to see how they will apply their knowledge in their respective countries, and together work on bringing our environmental friendly alternative Promession to their respective countries. The whole arrangement was such a success, that we are already looking forward to our next group of participants coming in for their Promessa MasterClass education later this year.